River Transport

The core activity of the company and our business is the organization of transport as well as booking/brokerage/chartering of river transport units (vessels, barges, convoys) and transport of cargoes in bulk or liquid form, by rivers across the Europe.

We organize most of the transport of cargo and goods on the Danube River, and the largest part of the work is the organization of transport from the sea port of Constanta in Romania on the Black Sea to the Balkan market region, and vice versa - return cargo from SRB/HU/CRO/BG/RO ports to Constanta, for which we are specialized

We also own our river transport fleet, currently owned by our company, with over 10 river transport units and the total tonnage and capacity of the company over 15,000 tons.

We organize the transport of bulk goods also on the Rhine and Main rivers in the northern part of Europe to France, Belgium, the Netherlands, the northern part of Germany, Switzerland and similar from the ARA (Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp) region to the Danube.

The goods that we mostly arrange for transport by river are: grains and cereals (all types such as corn, wheat, barley, sunflower, oilseeds, dried cereals called DDGS, etc.), fertilizers (various types of NPK, UREA, MAP, DAP, AS, AN), coal, salt, phosphate, petroleum coke, as well as a wide range of ores.

We also deal with the organization of transport of specific shipments and type of cargo such as pulp bales, wooden structures and wood, steel products and all steel structures, sheet metal, metals and its constructions, as well as the organization of the transport of marble and granite blocks.

We are very experienced in organizing the transportation of all types of project-oriented cargo for factories, such as construction parts, machines, windmills, reactors, various equipment etc.

We successfully organize the transport of dangerous goods such as ammonium nitrate, which requires ADN certification of river transport units.